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Tanya Stefanova is a doctor in PICU in UMHAT “Sv. Marina” – Varna, Vulgaria. She is a trainee and PhD student in the Department of Pediatrics, Medical University of Varna.

Yuliya Bazdarska (MD, PhD) is a doctor in UMHAT “St. Marina” – Varna, Bulgaria. She is a trainee in Pediarics at the Department of Pediatrics, Medical Unicersity of Varna.

Zhaneta Radkova


Engineer in the Department of Publishing in Medical University of Varna. She has experience with statistical analysis software, prepress applications, publishing literature in the field of…

Expert at the Department of International Relations at the Medical University of Varna. She is responsible for establishing contacts with foreign educational and research institutions, agencies…

Yana Bocheva

Associate Professor

Yana Bocheva (MD, PhD) is Associate professor in MUV in the Department of Clinical laboratory She is a National representative of Bulgaria in the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and…

Rumyana Dimova

Chief Assistant Professor

Rumyana Dimova (MD, PhD) is Chief Assistant Professor of Endocrinology in the Department of Endocrinology, Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria.